Dear Colleagues,

more than 270 participants at the OTS 2018 conference undoubtedly proves that the topics addressed in the presentations and workshops at our traditional annual two-day event have had a great impact on strengthening the collaboration of the industrial and academic sector and provides an important mechanism in the exchange of information and experiences. For more than 20 years, the conference offers guidelines and solutions for addressing current challenges that IS and software development teams, i.e. software engineers, developers, software and IS/IT architects, business analysts, data scientists, QA & IT/IS project manages IS/IT managers, and CIOs meet in their daily work.

We are moving into a period of augmented intelligence and AI-driven development where digital transformation and the creation of new ecosystems are enabled through digital platforms, developed by using the most up-to-date technologies and approaches. The agile principles are implemented and adjusted to the characteristics of diverse environments, all in order to ensure the required and expected responsiveness, without affecting the quality wherein one of the most important aspects are information security and privacy. Although big data technologies and AI-based solutions enable us to reveal new knowledge, this does not mean it can be used and applied without any restrictions. In addition to novelties and emerging technologies, our attention should also be directed towards the uninterrupted operation and continuous modernization of existing solutions, that are not only critical for day-to-day operations but which, in many cases, represent the basis for the development of disruptive innovative solutions and services.

Dear IT/IS expert – you are kindly invited to present your experiences gained through the use of modern information technologies and approaches within your projects. We believe that by submitting an article and giving a presentation or a workshop or by participating as a sponsor, you can significantly contribute to the success and technical excellence of the 24th OTS 2019 conference!

Prof. Dr. Marjan Heričko
OTS 2019 Conference Chair