Dear Colleagues,

Information technologies and the field of Informatics have been the driving force of innovation in business, as well as the everyday activities of individuals for several decades. Open standards, interoperability and increasing responsiveness of IS/IT experts are leading the way to development of intelligent digital service platforms, innovative business models and new ecosystems where, not only partners, but also competitors are connecting and working together. The involvement and engagement of end users is a necessity. Advanced information technologies and modern approaches to development, deployment, delivery, management and governance, are enabling higher levels of automation and integration of hitherto separate worlds. Based on the active participation and feedback from all actors, a closed loop feedback mechanism can be established, thus enabling continuous innovation and improvements of advanced ICT-based services and information solutions.

We will be delighted and thankful if you would be willing to share your experiences and identified best (and bad) practices from projects using emerging and modern information technologies and approaches.

Therefore, you are cordially invited to participate in the OTS 2018 conference.

Prof. Dr. Marjan Heričko,
Conference Chair