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Jose M. Cavanillas
Jose M. Cavanillas is Director of research and innovation of Atos Origin. He is also Vice-Chairman of the NESSI Steering Committee and the only Spanish member of the Steering Council for ETP ISI (Integral Satcom Initiative). He is founding member of the national tech platforms INES (on software and services) and eISI (on Sat Comms). JMC is Master Engineer in Telecommunications in Madrid Technical University and has performed post graduate studies on Business Administration and International Trade in UPM.

Prof. Ernesto Damiani

Ernesto Damiani is a professor at the Department of Information Technology of the University of Milan. He has held visiting positions at several international institutions, including George Mason University, VA (USA), La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, and the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Prof. Damiani coordinates several research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Research, the European Commission and private companies including ST Microelectronics, Siemens Mobile and BT Exact. His research interests include knowledge extraction and metadata design, secure mobile architecures, software engineering and soft computing. On these topics he has filed international patents and published more than 100 refereed technical papers in international journals and conferences. He is the Vice-Chair of the IFIP WG on Web Semantics (WG 2.12). He is the author, together with B. Grosky and R. Khosla, of the book "Human-Centered e-Business'' (Kluwer 2003). In 2000, he was the recipient of ACM SIGAPP Outstanding Service Award.

Dr. Lorna Uden

Dr. Lorna Uden is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing at Staffordshire University. She belongs to the Interactive System group within the School of Computing. My job involves teaching undergraduates and postgraduates. She teaches various modules that belong to the Interactive System group. In addition to her teaching duty, she is also doing research. She also supervises students doing final year projects and MSc dissertations. She is a member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching (ILT). She is a strong advocate of helping students to develop self-independant learning skills. For this she is trying to use PBL in her teaching whenever possible. She also believes in the use of technology for learning and teaching provided it is based on sound theoretical underpinnings.

She is also the editor of the International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology (IJWET).

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