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In 2005, the Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Advanced Information Technologies and Services (COT) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its activities aimed at speeding up the transition to, and acceptance of, emerging technologies such as, in the 1990s, object technology and CBD. Within the scope of the knowledge transfer mechanisms that COT provides, OTS Conferences play an important role. The aim of these conferences is to demonstrate practical experience, lessons learned while using these technologies, to present new strategies in solving business and technical problems, and to evaluate emerging technologies based on practical experience. With this year's conference, we would like to turn a new page in OTS history, in the hopes of building new bridges of virtual cooperation between speakers, participants, developers and users of advanced information solutions. Implementation technologies -- objects, classes, components and other concepts that have helped us build our solutions in the past -- have been evolving to become bigger building blocks of modern (contemporary) information solutions. Advances in the development of technology have enabled IS professionals to develop solutions at higher levels of abstraction. This, in turn, has a positive impact on both productivity and the quality of software solutions, thus making the process of solving business problems much more efficient.

There is no doubt that object technology, supplemented with several new technologies (among which one could stress XML-based technologies, web services, the semantic web and executable business processes written in languages like BPEL) has been a crucial technological paradigm enabling the shift to service-orientation.

The OTS conferences follow the latest technological trends and from year-to-year present news from information technology and the area of solutions, their application in practice, case studies,  best practices and challenges in this area.

Once again we would like to invite you to participate at the OTS conference - OTS'2006.

Dr. Aleš Živkovič
Organizing Chair
Dr. Marjan Heričko
Conference Chair


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